Stout Beer Bar

We have been in the business for over 5 years, never thought I wanted to write some real blog posts. 

We wanted to give you a better idea to the customers what they are getting in detailed posts from short descriptions. 

First up is Stout beer bar.

More then just a pretty bar, this soap is packed with skin-benefiting ingredients that are especially good with dry skin. But normal skin can use this and also benefit!

Stout beer, as we know are fermented drink, and this is packed with nutrition! Research has shown that brewer’s yeast is nutrient-packed and can help eliminate bacteria skin and slow sebum production*. Wow!

So we are including this special soap in line for benefit of our natural skin beauties.

Here is how we make this soap (Click the link on Youtube for making-video)

Soap base Mixing

Top swirls

Cured overnight

Cut to pieces

Soap packaging

Gift Ready!


If you wish to view more soap making videos click: FLWR AVENUE STUDIO Youtube Channel

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Hope you enjoyed!






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