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ORANGE BLOSSOM Woodwick Candle

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Wooden Wick Soy Candle

For your Nose ~

This luxurious yet charming deep notes of the orange blend will surely surprise your senses. Peeled Orange lights up the nose with sparkling cider winds up in deep rich vanilla is tastefully suprising~ With the natural wooden wick burn time is around 25-30+ hours.

How it is made~

Our Candles are created with a wonderful combination of frangrances that are carefully formulated when inspired by nature. Some fruity creamy sweet scents come together to surprise your nose! They are made with 100% NATURAL SOY WAX and not a soy blend or paraffin wax like most candles are made of. There are no fillers or chemicals the candles. The only colorants we use are cometic grade micas also found in nature. You will enjoy our candles in the natural colors and aroma found naturally in soy.

The candles are scented to their full potential. With the all natural wooden wick, the candle will give no harsh chemical fumes. It naturally gives a soft crackling sound of a burnig wood fireplace.

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