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Bath Salt {SOOTHING & RELAXING} Chamomile & Lavender

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Chamomile & French Lavender blend Bath salt
Luxurious botanical blends of detoxifying naturally scented bath salts. Each are formulated to give you exotic and different therapy at the end of each day~

Clarifying, healing & rejuvenating as well as blissfully aromatic & therapeutic, with just a touch of nourishing oils.

♥ How to use ♥

Add 1-2 Tbs of Salt to bath water (you can add other liquid like honey & milk). Relax and enjoy the natural and calming aroma from the harmonious natural ingredients. 

♥ Good for Your Skin~ ♥

Dead Sea Salt, Bamboo Salt, Sicilian Italy Salt , Mediterranean Sea Salt, Epsom Salt & Organic Sea salt. Tapioca starch . Kaolin Clay. Camonile leaves, grounded Sage leaves & Organic Lavender leaves. Kaolin Clay, Ginseng , Fenugreek & Chia Seed. Extracts of Chamomile, Sage, spearmint & Lavender. Organic Jojoba and Wheat Germ oil. Essential Oils of Tea tree & Lemongrass. 

♥ Amazing benefit of CAMOMILE OIL & LEAVES♥ 

~ CAMOMILE OIL & LEAVES - Long known for its soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, Chamomile is the perfect ingredient for use in soaps! The healing properties come from its flowers which contain essential oils that are proven to treat dermal irritations in many cases, e.g: eczema and many other skin problems. Also makes a beautiful little decoration on top~ But please remove the large chunks before use and little bits of flowers left on the soap can be used for exfoliation.

♥ 100% Natural.
♥ No artificial colorants, synthetic flavor oil and harmful preservatives. 
♥ Calming and healing irritated skin.
♥ Therapeutic spa treatment are excellent for problem skin.
♥ Calming aroma blend also defeat stress and calm both mind and skin.

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