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COCO BELLY BUTTER Stretch Mark Cream

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Stretch Mark Cream {Organic Body Butter Cream }


Sweet and earthy Cocoa Butter from the natural butter used ~


Our skin loving butter blend is enriched with vitamin and essential oils, leaving skin better and healthier in all natural way!

Unlike most creams or butters sold on market today, our butter is not diluted with water. Yes! Zero water!!! The usual water content in body butters run from 50-90% resulting the product perform hardly of what they claim to do. This is also important because then you add water, you need to add unnecessary preservatives which I do not need to put in. I really don't like when people say this, but little of our butter goes a long long way! It is just a concentrate of goodness in nature, possibley all organic~

Just apply the cream over desired areas and massage untill all absorbed. They can also be face cream if wished. Good for normal to dry itchy skin. The butter is thick cream Type. Moisturizing, Creamy and melts on body temperature. During hot weather, it can melt in room temperature, so please keep the jar in cool and dry area.

♥ Ingredient~ ♥ {Our oils used to make the products are organic!!!}

Organic Raw Shea Butter*, Coconut oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Extra Virgin Olive oil*, Glycerin*, paraben and formaldehyde-free(*Organic)

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