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♥ ENERGY BOOSTER Facial Serum~ ♥

Power Plant w/ Ginseng, Grandiflorus, Jojoba, Avocado, Chestnut Seed

♥ Benefits of Collagen Blend oil ♥

~Ginseng, ~Grandiflorus, ~Jojoba, ~Avocado, ~Chestnut Seed'

♥ How to use~♥

Put 5-6 drops on back of your hand and dip little on your fingers and apply on to the face. The shelf life of this oil is 4-5 months if stored cool and dry area.

♥ For your nose~♥

Spicy scent from Ginseng and grandiflorus with pure scent from the oils and the hint of spearmint oil {Medium strength scent: if you are very sensitive to scented oils, please consider carefully}

♥Best for~ ♥

Skin cell recovery with oils full of regenerating properties. Has medium thickness consistancy oil. Moisturizing. Absorbes quickly without greasy feeling.

♥Ingredient~ ♥

Ginseng Extract*, Grandiflorus Extract*, Jojoba Oil* , Avocado Oil*, Grapeseed Oil*, Chestnut Extract, Spearmint infused oil*, Vitamin E (Organic *)

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