{OHM {oatmeal honey &milk}-unscented - Natuer House
{OHM {oatmeal honey &milk}-unscented - Natuer House

{OHM {oatmeal honey &milk}-unscented

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♥ OHM ♥

100% Natural / 100% Certified Organic Oils/ Very Light oatmeal & milk scent

Made to Order: Takes 1-2 weeks for un-cut loaf, 2-3 weeks for cut loaf. 3.25 lbs Loaf cut to 10 bars

If you purchase more than 7 loaves, Free shipping is applied with extra discounts.


Natural scent from the Goat milk and oatmeal. No fragrance oil added.

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Our skin loving olive oil base enhanced with shea butter and following special oils~
~  MEADOWFOAM SEED Oil is used to lock in skins natural moisture to help prevent dryness and soften the skin.~MARACUJA oil quickly absorbs for firmer, brighter, smoother skin. Enriched with vitamin C this oil provides instant brightness and more radiant skin. Also Essential fatty acids (EFAs), which body cannot produce on its own . It makes this oil essential for healthy skin. ~ GRAPESEED OIL helps to tighten and tone skin. ~ KAOLIN CLAY is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals. OATMEAL is known for skin lightening effects and thus it also helps to improve the skin tone and texture, and smooth out blotchy areas.


Olive oil*, Coconut oil*, Castor oil*, Shea butter*, Palm oil**, Milk*, Honey*, MEADOWFOAM SEED Oil *, MARACUJA oil *, GRAPESEED OIL *,  Kaolin CLAY, Colloidal OATMEAL, sodium hydroxide (* Organic)

**Our PALM OIL is sourced from a member of the Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which supports the growth and use of sustainable Palm Oil***

Let me know if you want to omit Palm oil from the soap.

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