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Deep conditioin w/ Argan, Morrocan, Chestnut Oil, Tea Tree
{compair to O*jon hair recovery serum)

♥ Benefits of Collagen Blend oil ♥
~Argan oil
~Morrocan oil
~Jojoba oil
~chest nut oil
~ Tea Tree

♥ How to use~♥
Put 5-10 drops in palm of your hand. Apply from tip of the hair and work your way up.
The shelf life of this oil is 6-9 months if stored cool and dry area.

♥ For your nose~♥
Pure scent from the oil and the hint of Tea tree {Light strength scent: if you are very sensitive to scented oils, please consider carefully}

♥Best for~ ♥
Dry and spliting hair. Has medium thickness consistancy oil. Moisturizing. Absorbes quickly without greasy feeling.

♥Ingredient~ ♥
Argan oil*, Morrocan Oil*,  Jojoba Oil*, Chest Nut extract oil*, Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil* (Organic *)

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