{HEALING ALOE} - Natuer House
{HEALING ALOE} - Natuer House


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Vegan / Certified Organic Oils/ Light scent

Made to Order: Takes 1-2 weeks for un-cut loaf, 2-3 weeks for cut loaf. 3.25 lbs Loaf cut to 10 bars

If you purchase more than 7 loaves, Free shipping is applied with extra discounts.

Natural scent from Aloe vera juice and puree, and hint of earthy camphone white bark~


Our skin loving olive oil base enhanced with shea butter and following special oils~
~ ALOE VERA has been called it the “plant of immortality.” It treats sunburn, acts as a moisturizer, treats acne, fights aging and visibility of stretch marks with its rich nutrients. Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.  ~JOJOBA OIL is great for moisturizing skin since this special oil that is most similar oil of our body makes, full of Vitamin E perfected this soap. Formulated to be gentle & mild with a creamy lather. It has special Cell-constructing properties. ~ ARGAN OIL can be used with little concentration and small amount to help the skin. With the benefits there are lots of people who are almost at the point of ditching everything but the sunscreen and sticking with argan oil head-to-toe. Some are ready to declare argan oil as the best beauty ingredient, period. There are lot of benefits of using this wonderful oil and it have yet to be let down. This is why I am including this precious oil to the soap in the daily beauty regimen. Good for skin, body, and cuticles if they are prone to cracking and peeling. Combats dryness. So great.

Olive oil*, Coconut oil*, Castor oil, Shea Butter*, Coco Butter*, Aloe juice*, Aloe Gel puree*, Aloe stem*, Aloe extract*, JOJOBA OIL*, ARGAN OIL*, Camphor White Oil*, sodium hydroxide (* Organic)

**Our PALM OIL is sourced from a member of the Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which supports the growth and use of sustainable Palm Oil***

Let me know if you want to omit Palm oil from the soap.


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